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Nayanthara replaces this bollywood actress?

Initially, Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor was poised to make her Southern cinema debut alongside Kannada icon Yash in the film “Toxic.” Her anticipated participation garnered significant media attention. However, recent developments indicate that Kareena will not be part of the project.

The production team behind “Toxic: A Fairy Tale For Grown-ups,” helmed by director Geetu Mohandas and under the banner of KVN Productions, has opted for Nayanthara to fill the role initially reserved for Kareena. Reports suggest that Nayanthara has not only accepted the offer but has also committed her schedule to the film.

The reason behind Kareena’s withdrawal, despite her initial agreement, is a matter of conjecture. Industry whispers hint at the producers’ hesitation over Kareena’s substantial fee, deeming it excessive for the character of the protagonist’s sister.

Nayanthara, who commands the top salary among actresses in South Indian cinema, is set to replace her. Despite Nayanthara’s own significant remuneration, it is understood that Kareena’s asking price was nearly twice as much.



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