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NTR and Prashant Neel to come together only next year!

The Indian film industry is abuzz with the news of NTR nearing the completion of ‘Devara’, a pan-Indian spectacle under Koratala Siva’s direction, eyeing an October premiere. Post ‘Devara’, NTR is slated to join forces with Prashant Neel for a new cinematic endeavor. However, commitments to ‘War 2’ for NTR and ‘Salaar 2’ for Neel might push their collaboration’s start to later this year.

The script for the NTR-Neel project is ready, stirring excitement among fans who are keen to see Neel’s action-film prowess blend with NTR’s charismatic screen presence. The industry is rife with anticipation, expecting their joint venture to be a monumental success.

Should Neel complete ‘Salaar 2’ and NTR wrap up ‘Devara’ as planned, their collaborative project could kick off. The potential release window spans from late 2025 to early 2026, promising to be a landmark release in Indian cinema.



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