The Sleepwalker – Telugu Short Film

Do you enjoy watching a thriller? Does the eerie situations piques your interest? If this is all you look for then you are at the right place, as we bring to you a Telugu Independent film ‘The Sleepwalker’ A Gopichand Narra Film .
Written, Edited & Directed by Gopichand Narra
Produced by Dinesh Amarneni & Varun Ayinala
Production : Hashtag Pictures

Cast : Dmk Murali, Keshav Sanam, Swapna Rao, Siri Khanna Tadepalli, Divya, Lvs Chalapathirao & Anchor Sujith
Executive Producer : Narra MohithChandra
Publicity Designer : Omkar Kadiyam
Music : Teja Mania
Cinematography : Shashank Sriram
Sound Effects : Shafi FX
Sound Mixing : Kabir Rafi
Sound Design Studio : KBR Audio Lab
DI : Ravi Teja Gandra

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