Have you watched ‘Makuram’ shortfilm yet?

‘Makuram’ is a latest shortfilm released few days back directed by K.Sri Krishna Chaitanya. Its about an emotional journey of an woman who faces a situation to choose between motherhood and womanhood. The shortfilm is shot well in all respects complimented by good performances and background score.

Sangya Yaduvanshi played the key role as mother around whom the whole story revolves. The emotions were beautifully portrayed yet on an lighter note. Srujan Kothapally, Avanti Deepak, Garagey Yellapragada, Madhav Holagundi, Affan are the other actors and did their job well. Music by Sashank Tirupathi & Hari Krishnan is very good and apt. Cinematography by Kamal Nabh is excellent and the lighting matches up the mood. Editing is done by Chilukuri Srinivas. Mandava Charan and Chilukuri Akash Reddy are co-directors. Ramesh Jayanthi and Srikar Kanneganti are the assistant directors.

Produced under ‘Yeti Creations’ banner and presented by ‘RunWay Reel’, the shortfilm is directed very well by K.Sri Krishna Chaitanya. The screenplay and dialogues too are written by the director himself. The makers claim that the movie is the very first ever bilngual shortfilm in Telugu and Hindi versions. The hindi version of this shortfilm is named ‘Aaeena’.


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