‘Arjuna Phalguna’ Independent film by Girish Veluru : Premiere on November 5

‘Arjuna Phalguna’ is an upcoming independent film directed by Girish Veluru. Karthik Sabareesh is the producer. The teaser and trailer released earlier shows that this film has intense drama and performances.The trailer has some extra ordinary visuals and looks no less than a feature film.

Kiran reddy is playing the lead role who shot to fame with shortfilms/independent films like ‘Gachibowli’, ‘Vanarasainyam’, ‘Sreekaram’, ‘O manasa ra ila’, and ‘1991’.The casting of the film also includes Prawin Yendamuri who has popular shortfilms/independent films like ‘IP’, ‘IP-2’, ‘Nawab’, ‘Common Man’, ‘Nau Do Gyarah’, ‘Zamana’ etc. Deepak who also acted in ‘Gachibowli’ shortfilm has played a very important role in the film. Arjun Thatigotla, Arshad Ayub, Manoj kurapati, Vamshi Rinku, Sharath Viswamitra are other actors who played important roles.

The trailer also has good music composed by Jaya Phanikrishna who earlier gave his work for popular shortfilms like ’15 Days of Love’, ‘Sreekaram’, ‘1991’, ‘Gachibowli’ etc.

The team had planned a premiere show on November 5 at Prasad Labs. The show will start at 5:30PM. The invitation is open to all and the team is expecting everyone to attend and make the event successful.

The other crew details are :

Editing by Chotu Cherry
Music- Jaya Phanikrishna (Jay)
Action- Dasaradhi Sravan
Cinematography – Sanjay katta, Ranjith reddy, Swetha Yelamarthi
Poster Design- Murali Rudra
Assistant Direction- Lava kusha
Title Logo- Pavan nookala
Makeup- Ba Bu Rock

Meanwhile, have a look at the trailer:


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