‘Idi Naa Love Story’ shortfilm Actress-Director Divya Deepika’s interview

‘Idi Naa Love Story’ is an upcoming shortfilm thats going to be released on July 18. Its directed by Divya Deepika who herself is an actress in it. Ahead of the release, she spoke to Cinecrows.com about the shortfilm in a short interview.

Cinecrows : Hello Divya! Greetings from Cinecrows!
Thank you!

You must be feeling excited about your shortfilm release tomorrow!
Very much excited because its already one day delay.
As there is a saying like ‘sabar ka fal meeta hotha hain’, I’m waiting for that fal.

You are making your debut as a director with ‘Idi Naa love story’, what was your feeling?
It’s my 2nd as director
First was ‘To Mom’ and direction is a very tough job.
Hats off to all directors!

What are the previous projects you worked for?
‘Idiot I love u’, ‘Naluguru ammayilatho’ and ‘Prayatnam’ are the 3 shortfilms i worked as an actress.

Being an actor, what made you go towards direction?
Turning up to direction was an encouragement from one of my fend Venu damerla.
As he met me for a shortfilm discussion I just gave him an idea that I want to make a sf on a story for mom
Then he suggested y to search a director just try urself n give ur way of the output
So stepped into direction

Tell us about the actors in the shortfilm
Manohar Manu : Hero : One of my bestie and a good proved actor…. who supported me a lot in every steep
Anchor Laya : Friend role : very dedicated girl… She used to come from ECIL for the shoot n gave her best without any hesitation
Kris Chaitanya : Appears in d beginning just a guest role
Hanish Gupta : My Ex bf role : very much enthusiastic actor

About the other crew?
Dop: Quadeer : He came forward to help me volunteerily.
Editor : Viswanath : the person I should thank the most and I troubled the most ..
I used to put a force all the time and every time.
Very kind person wth patience
Music : Terish Teja : no words to talk about him. The music is really mesmerising.
Omkar Kadiyam : A well known and a famous publicity designer agreed to work with us. Inspite of his busy schedules, he gave us his valuable time to make our poster. We got a very huge response with it and reached everywhere.
Producer Nani : A best frnd who supported to make the story possible.
And there are few more friends whom I didn’t mention but helped me a lot in casting n directing n helping me during the shoot.

Are you trying to convey any message through this shortfilm?
It’s not a message oriented one. The theme is about falling in love after a breakup
N love has no end….
If we get the right love there will be no point of breakup.
If we break up its not the perfect one.

Your upcoming projects as actress and director?
Mostly I m not having any plans in direction.
I would like to go with acting.
And a strange thing is Inspite of encouraging, few ppl stopped talking to me when I started direction.. That was quite funny!

Cinecrows wish u all the best for ‘Idi na lovestory’ and all ur future projects!
Yeah and thank u very much… And it’s really my pleasure that you are with us… Thank u so much ..


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