Okka Kshanam Review : Interesting plot with deviations!

After ‘Ekkadiki Poathavu Chinnavada’, VI Anand came up with Okka Kshanam which has again a different concept. It has Allu Sirish, Surabhi, Srinivas Avasarala and Seerat Kapoor in the lead roles.

Allu Sirish has improved his acting skills and did his job decently. Surabhi looked beautiful and perfectly apt for her role. Srinivas Avasarala and Seerat has done their crucial roles very well and their on screen chemistry worked well. Dasari Arun Kumar as the villian impressed with his acting.

The fresh and unique plot can be said as the main strength of the film. It has good production values. Cinematography is good and the mood is carried out well throughout the film. Music by Manisarma is not so impressive in the songs but background score is very good. Editing is good enough.

The basic concept of the movie is very good and fresh. It deals with the parallel lives of four people and their destiny. The narration of the movie goes well in parts. The pre interval and few proceedings in the second half are shown in a interesting way. However, the basic plot of the movie is deviated at times and ended with a climax which is quite routine. The director should be appreciated for choosing a different concept but the exclusion of deviations and a better casting would have made much difference to this thriller.

Fresh Concept
Interval Episodes

Slow Pace
Average love track
Deviations from the original plot

Rating : 2.75/5

PS: Please note that this review completely reflects our reviewer’s personal opinion and taste. What we didn’t like might be good for others. So please do watch the movie in theaters and help fight piracy.

We don’t reveal the story details in our review as it might spoil the experience of audience.


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