Gayatri Review : Old age narration!

After a long gap, Mohan babu is back with ‘Gaayatrhi’. He played the central role in the movie as Gayatri Patel.  The  variations are shown quite well by him for the dual roles he played. He is undoubtedly the asset of the film.Vishnu played the role of younger Mohan Babu and impressed. Shriya played the female lead and is Ok. The other roles played by Nikhil Vimal, Anasuya, Siva Prasad are decent.

Though the movie is made with good production values, the narration was in old style. Lack of proper gripping moments and old kind of screenplay are the major drawbacks. Music by Thaman is just OK. The pace of the movie is slow and bumpy. Dialogues are good enough and had reference to political scenarios. There are some political satires on the ruling party of AP.

Director Madan Ramigani is partly successful in narrating the script well. Mohan Babu’s character was  designed well though the presentation lacks novelty. All the scenes looked in an old style. Emotions worked out here and there. The movie is based on the relation between Mohan Babu and his daughter. Dialogues written for Mohan Babu are quite interesting and last few minutes of the movie is interesting. Comedy is just OK.

Overall, Gayatri is a movie with old style narration and has few good moments here and there.

Rating : 2.5/5

Mohan Babu

Weak narration.
Lack of novelty.


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