Garuda Vega Review : Perfect comeback for Rajasekhar!

Its Rajasekhar’s comeback film and hence all the eyes on ‘Garuda Vega’. Right from the release of the trailer, this action thriller has created enough buzz among the audience. Directed by Praveen Sattaru, the movie has Pooja, Ali, Adith, Kishore etc in other important roles.

Its definitely a perfect comeback for Rajasekhar. He played a role of NIA officer with settled performance. He pulled off very well with his acting and the hard work he mentioned in several promotional events is clearly visible. Actress Pooja played the wife of him. However, their scenes did not go well. Shraddha Das, Adith, Adarsh, Nazer, Ravi Varma Charan deep did their job well. Kishore played the villian which is not so effective.

Cinematography in the movie is excellent. The action episodes are very well captured. Screenplay in the first half is too good but sluggish in the second half. Director Praveen Sattaru narrated the story in a very interesting and thrilling way in the first half but seems to have lost the track in the latter part. However he is very successful in making a high standard movie with very good action sequences. Background score is good, very apt and elevated the movie to next level. Editing is decent yet need some cuts especially in the second half. Production values are excellent.

Praveen Sattaru and Rajasekhar along with the whole team should definitely be appreciated for the effort they have put in making the movie which is clearly visible. A better and gripping screenplay in the latter half could have made Garuda Vega stand out high. Overall, the movie is a watchable action thriller and is a perfect comeback for Rajasekhar.

Pros :
Engaging First half
Action sequences
Good Production values

A bit lengthy
Not so effective villian role
Rajasekhar-Pooja sequences

Rating : 3/5


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