Will ‘AWE’ be AWEsome?

‘AWE’ is releasing tomorrow, 16th February. This movie has already grabbed the attention all over. Natural Star Nani has produced this movie with huge star cast along with skilled people off screen.

AWE has Kajal Agarwal, Nitya menon, Regina, Eesha, Priyadarshi, Srinivas Avasarala, and Murali Sharma in the prominent roles. Alongside, Nani gave voice over to a fish and Ravi teja to a tree. All these things has raised the curiosity and expectations among the audience. The team has been continuously saying that this movie is going to be one of its kind.

Going by the backstory of the director Prasanth Varma, this is definitely going to be a different movie. He earlier made 2 short films ‘Silent Melody’ and ‘Dialogue in the Dark’.

‘Silent melody’ is a shortfilm without any voices. This short film is supported financially by the actor Sundeep Kishan. It won the hearts of audiences with its beautiful content. He even got the compliments from the cricketer Brian Lara. Later, he made ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ which has only voices without any glimpses of the characters. This shows that this director has different approach towards film making and hence one can expect a different movie again. The teaser, trailer and all the promotional content has proved it a part already.

He said in an interview that he is well supported by his parents and specially mentioned about the support he has got from his sister Sneha Sameera. He also added that he told his friends and relatives at his hometown that he would return there only with the release of his feature film. He must be happy now for he is going to do that.

Let’s see ‘how different this movie is going to be’, ‘how well the audience receive it’ and ‘how well it inspires other directors and writers to attempt different kind of films’.

Wish the film will be AWEsome! and will be a pathbreaking film in TFI. Cinecrows wishes the talented Director Prashnath Varma and team a very GOOD-LUCK !


Silent Melody Short film:

Dialogue in the dark Short film:


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