Touch Chesi Chudu Review : Routine and Boring!

After a blasting comeback with ‘Raja The Great’, Ravi Teja once again came up with a mass entertainer for which he is famous for. The role of a cop which gave his successful films is not new to him. He performed his best as a powerful cop yet again in this old and boring story. Raashi Khanna and Seerat Kapoor played the female leads. The chemistry between Ravi teja and Raashi worked well and she looked very glamorous. Seerat Kapoor has nothing much to do. Murali Sharma and Vennela Kishore are good. Others are just OK.

Cinematography is very good and the action sequences are shot well. The story is too old and the screenplay is very routine and predictable. Apart from the poor script, it is the narration which is very old fashioned. Editing too is mediocre. Songs are not so impressive while background score by Manisarma helped the movie a bit. Production Values are OK.

Its all about the energy of Ravi Teja’s all over the movie. However, there is not enough strength and freshness in the characters and the story. Even the female leads have not much importance to the story but looked glamorous.

On the whole, Touch Chesi Choodu doesn’t offer anything new. Its a beaten to death storyline with bland screenplay inspite of Ravi teja’s  high energy.

Ravi Teja

Old Story
Predictable Screenplay
Bad Climax
Bad narration

Rating : 2/5

PS: Please note that this review completely reflects our reviewer’s personal opinion and taste. What we didn’t like might be good for others. So please do watch the movie in theaters and help fight piracy.


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