Interview:Sirish Satyavolu,Lyricist & Singer of M2M2

cinecrows:Hai Sirish!How are you?
Sirish :Im fine!
cinecrows:Tell about yourself to the audience
Sirish:I’m Sirish. A mechanical graduate, now pursuing music technology in Atlanta. I am a composer, music producer and song writer.
cinecrows:Whats your part in m2m2?
Sirish:I have written 3 songs, “Uber Ohallo”, “Em maayo” and “M2M2 title song”. I also had this great opportunity to sing M2M2 title song.
cinecrows:So you dont know that you are going to sing a song while writing lyrics?
who did offer you to sing? the director or the composer?
Sirish:I wanted to. But i didn’t know for sure until Kiran asked me to sing the song after I sent in a demo with my lyrics. It was a pleasant surprise.
cinecrows:Thats great! So…How did you get the oppurtunity to work for M2M2?
Sirish:Since I was in my undergraduation, I was good friends with Manisha Satyavolu. We practiced singing together. When I was in my grad I’ve heard that Kiran was planning for a movie. With Manisha’s help I’ve scheduled a meeting with him hoping to get a chance to talk about Writing or Singing. I’ve met Kiran and Bharan; I showed my previous works to Kiran, he liked them and asked me to write a snippet for a scene. Those were my first moments in the family of NAKAMA.
cinecrows:Manisha satyavolu is the co-singer for m2m2 title song…right?How is she related to m2m2 other than singing?
Sirish:She’s in the art department.
cinecrows:So…whats your favourite song in the movie?
Sirish:I am supposed to say M2M2 but I loved ‘Tholi Tholi’ a lot…
I’ve never heard the song before and it was a bliss listening to that song for the first time.
It’s playing in a loop on my iPad since yesterday…
cinecrows:great!..Few words about  Director Kiran and Music Composer Shravan
Sirish:Few words saripovandi.
cinecrows:Then tell us many words:)
Sirish:Ha ha! Kiran is a child in a scary dude’s body. The first time I saw him, I had this mental image of serious-short-film-director. But he started talking and I was at ease in seconds. ‘Cheppu nanna!’  ani start chesthadu entha serious conversation aina. Thana direction skills kaanivvandi, story telling skills kaanivvandi, mesmerizing. I spent a whole evening just looking at a practice shot. A cool leader and an efficient pilot for #M2M2.
cinecrows:Great!..and abt Shravan?
Sirish:Shravan, He doesn’t know this yet but I was a huge fan of his album ‘Malli Raava’. I got inspired by the title track and composed a song for a short film back then. When Kiran told me that Shravan will be the music director for m2m2, I was thrilled. His music is so melodious, yet he’s a simple guy. M2M2 title song voice takes 1 hour lopu aipoyay. Antha efficient athanu. He’s one of the few contemporary music directors I get thoroughly inspired from.
cinecrows:About Nakama?
Sirish:Nakama is a family andi ! I have seen a few other production houses and all of them were very commercial. Nakama’s office feels like a party at a friend’s house. All smiling faces. And the team is a clockwork. Everyone blends so perfectly and the workflow is so seamless. It’s the effect of understanding and commitment i see in Nakama.
cinecrows:So…what are your future projects?
Sirish:I currently am working my untitled Album. I hope i’ll be working with Kiran for his next project too.
cinecrows:Oh…nice! and finally…Tell something adressing audience thru cinecrows
Sirish:Hey Guys and Girls. Listen to the awesome songs of M2M2. And the I bet you’ll love the movie. Follow more from the team #M2M2 on CineCrows.


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