‘Guppedantha Prema’ heroine Aditi Singh Interview

       ‘Guppedantha Prema’ is a beautiful love story directed by Vinod Lingala on Eye wink productions.  The team is receiving appreciation on audio and trailers released. Sai Ronak, Aditi Singh, Aiswarya K, Noel Sean, Naveen Neni are key casting of the film. On the occasion of the movie releasing on 17th of this month, heroine Aditi Singh spoke few words
This is your debut film, right?
Yes. ‘Guppedanta Prema’ is my first film. I am eagerly waiting for its release.
When did your aspiration to act in films start?
Right from my childhood, I always had a dream of becoming a heroine. Whenever anyone asked me what was my ambition, I always answered that I would become heroine. That was the impact level of movies on me. It takes a lot for a new girl to enter the film industry.
How did you get the opportunity of ‘Guppedantha Prema’?
I had to put to lot of efforts to get this. I was 85kg in weight. Looking at my pictures, director Vinod told that he can consider if I lose weight. I shed my weight for the film and came for auditions in Hyderabad. 3 Telugu girls were present along with me for the same audition. I felt nervous then but I had the confidence that I can do my job with focus and went ahead for auditions. I spoke Nithya Menon’s dialogues in ‘Ala modalaindhi’ movie in the audition. Director liked them and finalized me.
About the film..
Name of my character in the movie is Sandy. I am portraying a role of girl next door who gives respect to traditions and values. To put it simple about the movie, it is about pure love story on feelings in first love. Story is about changes that occur after hero enters Sandy’s life.
How did the output of film come?
You all will like it. All in the film worked by putting their heart into it. That is why we could act well even in -4°C. If one does a work with love on it, it will be a success even if it is quite difficult.
How was it working with Vinod Lingala?
He knows what exactly is needed out of every character. He could get good performances from all.
How was it working with Sai Ronak who already gave his entry to films?
Me and Sai Ronak became good friends in shooting time. Chemistry between us in the movie was good because of our strong friendship.
Tell us something about your family?
I was born in Delhi and brought up in Mumbai. My Dad Jinendra Prasad worked with stars like Aamir khan in Bollywood. For some reasons, he had to quit films. My mother is playing role of my mother in this movie.
Did you sign any other movies ?
Not yet. I am eagerly waiting for Guppedantha Prema.
The other crew details are :
Written& Directed by Vinod Lingala,
Producer :Eye Wink productions,
Music : Navneeth Sundar ,
Cinematography : Sanjay Loknath ,
Editor : Rajeev Nayyar,
Line Producer : P. T. Giridhar Rao,
Production& Publicity designer : Vijay Moparthy,
Executive producer : Pavani Lingala ,
Lyrics: Vanamali , Sree Mani, Ganesh Saladi, Tillu Pasunoori.


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