Is ‘Padma award’ a parameter?

It is a very wide debate about sanctity of Padma Awards and whether they are a parameter for talent or contribution in the film industry.
Irrespective of contribution, recommendation is needed!
First of all, let us understand that Padma awards would be given to the final shortlisted people ‘only’ among the ‘list sent by state Govt or MPs ‘. That says it all. If State Govt did not recommend any name, there is no chance of any one getting a Padma award.
If it is a parameter, what about these?
Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu: Known widely as the ‘Father of Telugu cinema’, was an Indian artiste and film maker. Naidu was a pioneer in the production of silent Indian films and talkies. Starting in 1909, he was involved in many aspects of Indian cinema’s history, like travelling to different regions in Asia to promote film work. He was the first to build and own cinema halls in Madras
H.M. Reddy : He directed the first south Indian talkie film Kalidas shot in Tamil and Telugu. He then produced and directed the first full length Telugu sound film, Bhakta Prahlada in 1932.
S.V.Ranga Rao : Most celebrated and unanimously accepted best artist for many decades who also had international craze and fans outside India . His films were being showed on demand at Djakarta film festival , Film festivals in USA, Africa and many times in Russia .
KV Reddy : One of the greatest technicians of all time who taught great technical values to south Indian cinema and directed many legendary films like ‘Maya Bazar’ and Pathala Bhairavi which brought international appreciation for a Telugu film for the first time. He has won national award 3 times.
Savithri : Do we need an introduction ? Legendary actress of south, immensely talented artist and an inspiration to many actresses. She is an all-time favorite of many staring from south stars to Amitabh bachan !
None of the above and many more such did not get any Padma award.
Many deserving got them and many eligible did not..
Many eligible and contributors rightly received  padma awards but many could not get inspite of their immense talent, reputation and contribution.
Lobbying works..
Most of the Padma awards seems to be given by lobbying of political parties and their weightage in central Govt as few states always get more share of them and south generally gets less. And within that again every state Govt would have their calculations like their supporters, need for them etc .
Let us wish that proper mechanism of identifying and rewarding the contributors would be put in place to increase the respect for these prestigious awards!——by Gopi Krishna


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