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Kajal Aggarwal to be supported by Chranjeevi and Balakrishna!

Kajal Aggarwal is set to star in the solo title role of “Satyabhama,” a film initially slated for release on the 31st of this month. However, due to intense competition from other movies like “Gangs of Godavari,” “Bhaje Vayu Veliya,” and “Gangam Ganesha,” there is speculation that the release date might be postponed to June 7. An official announcement is pending.

As the film lacks a prominent male lead, the promotional burden falls on Kajal. The team is working hard to generate buzz, especially since “Satyabhama” is not a commercial movie. To boost publicity, stars like Balakrishna were invited to the trailer launch event of “Ellundi 24.” There is also talk of bringing Chiranjeevi to the pre-release event next week.

The support of these legendary actors could significantly benefit “Satyabhama.” In the crime genre, Kajal plays a police officer, and with Sashikiran Thikka, known for “Gudchari,” involved in the screenplay and presentation, the content is expected to be trustworthy. Suman Chikkala directed the film, and Sricharan Pakala composed the music.

Kajal Aggarwal is also gearing up for the release of “Bharatiyadudu 2” in July, which could be another turning point in her career. If she scores two hits, her new tag as the “Queen of Masses” could be cemented.



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