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Payal Rajput Objects to the Release of Her Latest Film “Rakshana”

Actress Payal Rajput has reportedly objected to the release of her latest film “Rakshana” after the trailer was unveiled at the Directors Day event held at LB Stadium. The film, originally titled “5Ws,” was shot in 2019 and 2020, and its release was delayed, according to Rajput.

In a social media post, the Mangalavaram actress claimed that the makers are now trying to benefit from her recent success without clearing dues and demanding her presence for promotional activities. Despite her team communicating her unavailability due to prior commitments, Rajput alleges that the makers are threatening to ban her from Telugu cinema.

It is unclear exactly what Rajput’s objections are, but it is possible that she is unhappy with the way she is being portrayed in the film or that she feels the filmmakers are not adequately promoting the film. There may also be a financial disagreement between the two parties, with the curvaceous siren alleging that the makers are not clearing dues.

Rajput is reportedly seeking the support of the film industry to prevent the release of the film, adding “Need Justice” to her social media post.



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