‘Taika’ shortfilm by U Yashwanth Krishna

‘Taika’ is an upcoming shortfilm directed by U Yashwanth Krishna under the production of 7J media works. The makers say that the movie is about the awareness and importance of self defence and also say that Karate is about the discipline.

The casting of the shortfilm includes Naresh(KK) who played the lead role and Nani who played the role of the Villian who were both black belt holders in Karate. They are the students of renowned karate academy called ‘Taika Martial Arts Academy’. Ashok is the master who played his real role in the shortfilm. Divya, Supriya, Vinod, Naveen, Harish, Bharadwaj, Praveen(Pvd), Phani Praveen, Nanda Kishore and Phani Krishna are the other actors in the movie. U Yashwanth Krishna, apart from directing, also wrote the story, screenplay and dialogues. Editing and music are also done by himself. The shortfilm is ready to be released this weekend.

Watch the trailer here:

Cinecrows wish the team very best!


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