‘Senorita’ shortfilm by Mahendar Kududula gets good response!

‘Senorita’ is a shortfilm recently released and is getting good response among the audience. Made by a team consisting of 15 members under ‘Sanchaari cinema’ banner, the movie is very well made in all aspects.

The movie is about an aspiring film maker Arjun who gets convinced in making a commercial film which becomes a disaster, rather than going by his heart of making his dream project Senorita. The failure of the film leads the sensitive film maker into the depresion. He later gets distracted by a neighbour girl Geeta which leads to his marriage life imbalance with his wife Shashi. Then how he overcome the struggles, failures ,family problems & became successful is the main plot of the film.

The shortfilm which starts of on a serious note continues to be an emotional ride throughout with excellent performances by the actors Lavanya Raju , Navin Victor, Sweta Gupta , Vinu Varma , Kiran Kumar, Nagaraj Gandikote. Lavanya, who played the the character of ‘Shashi’ did extremely well. Cinematography by Niranjam Das is very good and the lighting matched up the mood. The shortfilm is written and directed by Mahendar Kududula and is very well narrated. He has shown his skill in narrating it in the way it has to be without any deviations. ‘Million Dollar Smile’ is his previous work and he has proved himself already with it. Naga Vamsi Krishna Keys who earlier worked for many shortfilms from ‘MR Productions’ has composed the music and he needs a special mention. The background score perfectly matched the movie. The movie has very good sound design and production values.

The cast and crew details are:

Cast : Lavanya Raju , Navin Victor, Sweta Gupta , Vinu Varma , Kiran Kumar, Nagaraj Gandikote
Written & Directed by : Mahendar Kududula
Cinematography : Niranjan Das
Editing & Grading : Niranjan Das , Ajay S
Background score : Naga vamshi krishna Keys
Additional Screenplay : Krishna Naroju
Direction Team : Suresh Madapathi, Arun Shushi.
Production design : Swetha Jonnalagada , Kavya Subramanya.
Sound design: Shankar D
Sound Mixing : Prakash Studio
Publicity Design: Akhil Eppalapally
Producers: Paruchuri ratan, Krishna Naroju and Mahendar Kududula


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