Vivekam Review : High in Budget, Low in Content!

Vivekam starring Ajith Kumar and Kajal Agarwal in lead roles is directed by Siva and produced by Sendhil Thyagarajan under Satya Jyothi Film banner. Vivekam is releasing in Tamil as Vivegam and is having a simultaneous release across the world today. It also has Akshara Hasan and Vivek Oberoi in pivotal roles. Anirudh Ravichander is the music director and Vetri is the cinematographer. Editing is done by Anthony L Ruben.  Let’s see if the team has met the expectations of the common audience.

Vivekam is a story of an Anti – Terrorist  officer who takes on the baddies single handedly and fights against the people who cheat him in the name of friendship.

Vivekam is shot in a huge budget and is full of action sequences shot around the world. As a tribute to Ajith’s 25 years of movie experience, Siva has shown Ajith as a one man army who takes on the anti social elements across the world. Music and back ground score by Anirudh was fantastic but bit over loud at times. Cinematography by Vetri is awesome and he has done an excellent job in this movie which had huge scope to unleash his skills. Almost 90 percent of the movie is shot overseas. Production values are grand. Though every entity is great in terms of technical aspects, on a whole Vivekam fails to impress. Editing is mediocre. There are too many action episodes and many illogical scenes that worked against the movie.


  • Music and Back ground score
  • Cinematography
  • Ajith, Kajal
  • Karunakaran


  • Over board action episodes
  • Illogical scenes
  • Direction
  • Predicatable factor
  • Climax
  • Lagging second half

Box-Office Analysis: Made on  a huge budget, Vivekam fails to impress common audience. Movie is good in bits and pieces. Might be hard for it to sustain in box office.

PS: Please note that this review completely reflects our reviewer’s personal opinion and taste. What we didn’t like might be good for others. So please do watch the movie in theaters and help fight piracy.


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